What is Calumite?

Calumite is a calcium-alumino-silicate based material that is 99% glassy in nature, which is produced from granulated blast furnace slag.
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Find our UK Plant

Calumite UK is situated on the steelworks site in Scunthorpe. You can find us by using What 3 Words or check the map provided.
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Benefits of Calumite

The two key characteristics of Calumite that contribute to the range of benefits that it offers are its glassy nature and its redox value.
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Where we Supply

Calumite is used around the world in all types of soda-lime-silica glass production, from float glass to fibre glass, and container glass.
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How Calumite Works

Calumite acts in a similar way to cullet as it is a glassy material with the benefit of being a weak reducing agent.
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Latest News

We have purchased a specialised Handjet EBS-260 handheld printer to ensure we meet the various import/ customs regulations.
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