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Our UK office & plant is based on the British Steel Site in Scunthorpe.

If this is your first time on the British Steel site, then a short visitors induction will be needed for your safety and to allow access to the site. This full process will take around 30 minutes and will be directed to do so by security upon entry to British Steel, Gate A.

If you are planning on being a regular visitor to site then please remember to bring your driving license, insurance document and MOT certificate (if you have one) to get your vehicle registered to the British Steel ANPR system.

Directions to site

→ On the A18 enter British Steel, Gate A
→ Stop at security and complete British Steel site induction (if needed)
→ After the security, please take the first left signposted “High Cube Route” follow this road round, bearing right then under the rail bridge.
→ Turn left at the T junction you will then see signs for Hanson and Calumite.
→ Take the immediate left turn.
→ Our office is situated down the bottom of the road so you will need to follow the same route as the tankers, down the slope and past the lagoon of water.

Please note: DO NOT USE our postcode as it will direct you to an address on Brigg Road outside of the works.

Directions via Google Maps

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